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These are the things I live by.

"In addition to the healing enhancement of these powerful treatments, what you put into and onto your face and body is key. And how you feel about yourself is everything. There simply is no looking young and fit without effective home skincare, balanced nutrition, exercise, water, sleep and 30 minutes of quiet time with yourself a day. Meditation, listening to a hypnosis tape, a scented bath or lying quietly on your bed and just breathing into your belly will do just fine. If you find yourself running from one task to the next with a constant electronic devise in your hand be it, blackberry, cell phone or remote control, please stop it for at least 30 minutes everyday and just be still. I also want you to drink lots of water, especially if you've just treated yourself to your favorite junk food of choice - just drink a glass of H2o and breathe."

Dr. George Mariella

of Body Structure in Hollywood, is a kind, gentle and yet extremely accurate, precise and wise, chiropractor. He saved me (and my neck) after a bad car accident and I still go to him regularly. I now have at least a half a dozen friends and clients that also swear by him. There is wonderful healing massage at his beautiful Zen offices. On Cole Avenue just south of Santa Monica blvd. with parking and… they take insurance!

Brookelin Gottlieb

is a dance/yoga/barre/workout goddess! She teaches at about six places and also will do private sessions at your home or hers. She is fun and extremely experienced and will whip your fanny into dancer shape with her cross section of all the above and once you get past the achy-breaky-holy-cow moment, you won’t believe how good you look and feel. Message her asap.

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It seems to me that in the last fifteen years, much of the psychological damage causing plenty of acting out, depression, angst and anxiety disorders, stems from simply not being seen and heard - by one’s parents or other significant family members, friends, teachers, colleagues, peers, lovers, spouses, crushes, and besties.

To be witnessed is a powerful, powerful thing. It gives recognition, confidence and joy, or at least relevance. To feel invisible almost always causes pain. I’ve experienced being unseen in different areas of my life and that alone has brought me the most discomfort.

I want to play show and tell here, with many fantastic people I already know and hopefully more I will soon know. And because my world has been about performance, writing, beauty and helping others, I will start there.

Rock That Red

Makeup artist and brow expert, Lashelle Ullie and I started a world wide beauty/empowerment movement
Rock That Red - to unite women through the bold statement of wearing RED LIPS.
Behind every pair of red lips is a story to be told.