Facial Toning Treatments

Nina G., often called the facial-fairy by her clients, has an intuitive and experienced way around nurturing and transforming your skin. She uses her customized brand of layering electro micro-current lift/tone, radio wave tightening, LED photo softening and lightening, electric product penetration, serum hydration and Reiki healing to transform your skin.


Micro-current facial treatment

Lifting and toning, while re-educating facial muscles - creating noticeable results immediately. Micro-current increases the skin’s ability to store moisture and revive its youthful firmness and elasticity by stimulating sub-epidermal cells, eliminating and softening lines and wrinkles. It rejuvenates hard leathery skin and restores it to its once supple appearance. It stimulates your skin’s micro-circulation, giving an overall bloom to your skin’s appearance and texture.

  • Also included is a customized cleansing, exfoliation, product penetration and a mask that is hydrating, purifying, detoxing or calming.
  • A series of four sessions to start brings the biggest changes – twice a week to begin with and then tapering down as you fall in love with the results.


Led Photopulsation Treatment

The latest in technology, the healing light that promotes collagen production, resurfaces the epidermis to a baby soft complexion, smoothes wrinkles, tightens pores, lightens age spots and increases moisture retention.

The glowing and softening results are immediately noticeable.

This effective deluxe treatment of steamed extractions, exfoliation, micro-current toning, photo-pulse therapy and luscious product penetration is 80-90 minutes.


Pure Oxygen Treatment

Oxygen, essential for life itself, is now claiming the spotlight as a skin care essential. As we age, our cells increasingly lose the ability to carry sufficient oxygen – resulting in an imbalance of the oxygen/carbon dioxide exchange. This pure oxygen treatment, in conjunction with vitamins and minerals, is used to nourish and revitalize the skin cells. Because oxygen is introduced to the skin at a cellular level, it assists in controlling acne-causing bacteria while it improves the elasticity of the skin, leaving you firm and glowing.

  • An excellent treatment for pre and post surgery or laser procedures.
  • Highly recommended for quick skin rejuvenation for weddings, photo shoots, on camera appearances, business meetings or special dates.


  • Adult and teen acne facials
  • Organic enzyme or glycolic peels
  • Hyper pigmentation lightening
  • Electric mask product infusion
  • Reiki facial healing
  • Anti-aging hand treatments
  • Scar softening
  • Amazing mix & match home skin care kits
  • Fresh fruit yogurt parfait masks.

Now Offering

"In Your Home Day Spa"

With micro-current and LED photo rejuvenation machines in tow I arrive to give you the best 90-minute spa treatment of your life and you can wear your sweats! I start with natural enzyme peels, move onto Micro-Current smoothing, lifting, toning, adding LED healing and resurfacing, then electrical product penetration and "plumping", ending with a custom masque either to hydrate, defuse redness or detoxify… and for the grand finale a Reiki facial; a hands on healing to calm and balance your charkas and your soul.

"I have blissful and now youthful clients in Beverly Park, Brentwood, Venice, Santa Monica, West Hollywood, Beachwood Canyon and Los Feliz."