From Nina's generous, conscientious attention, your body gets to relax, your face gets to go to heaven. Every step in the process is elevated and supported by her advanced knowledge and organic products. Her ebullient spirit suffuses each treatment, as does her expertise. She is a walking, gorgeous example of her wonderful skills, and your skin will love itself.

Sharon Leeds

I would highly recommend Nina for a facial. Not only is she an awesome evolved person, she makes you look younger... really. My skin has never been so clean and shiny. My face has tightened so much because she uses the electrical probes. I don't need a face lift, I just need Nina.

Rose Masterpol

I go to Nina Twice a month religiously to keep me looking younger and feeling balanced. She is a healer as well as a pleasure to be around. Her energy is as uplifting as her micro-current magical treatments. Try one – done – you’re in for life. Under 40… once a month – over 40, twice a month – over 55, as much as you like! And her Reiki is worth the price alone. So much more than a facial, it’s a necessity.

Rudy Gonzales

Nina's philosophy that beautiful skin is an holistic endeavor really works for me. She combines the latest non-invasive treatments with her Reiki skills to stimulate the skin to rejuvenate while balancing out the body. I always come away from her treatments with glowing youthful skin and a sense of invigorated peace.

Wendell Meldrum

I have nothing but praise for Nina and her facial fairy magic. These are no ordinary facials, but with consistent visits they really do help reverse the aging process. I have noticed positive changes that go far beyond what I ever had before with an everyday facial. In the past, facials made me feel good and relaxed, and then maybe my skin would look better for two or three days, but with Nina's work the changes are much more dramatic and progressive over time. If you really want to reverse the aging process of your face and lift away all those signs of stress and aging, go to Nina, be consistent, and be patient. It takes time, but it's natural, and it works!

Victoria Kuhl

Nina is the most expert and knowledgeable "facialist" and really so much more. When you rise from a treatment on Nina's comfy table, your skin will have been plumped and moisturized and lifted and toned. And the oxygen add on – amazing!!!! Always ending with her warm and sensitive Reiki energy that heals everything. After only one session, the visible repair is proof positive that this is no ordinary facial. Tiny lines and irregularities have been erased and the skin is smooth and soft. Get a series of treatments and you will be amazed as years of stress are removed without surgery or use of caustic chemicals. I cannot recommend Nina's treatment too highly!

Denise Leader Stoeber

RUN don't walk to see Nina the facialmagicalgoddess. What she offers is a rejuvenating vacation for your entire being. She not only cleans and lifts your skin but she helps your body heal in several different ways through her energetic techniques. My skin feels soft, clean and looks younger when I leave and because I am consistent about seeing her, my skin continues to look better and better. I am truly thankful to know Nina and grateful to be able to receive her guidance and skin magic.

Brookelin Gotlieb

I go twice a month to get my Nina face no matter what! I need to see her, be with her and have her lift and tighten my skin with her magic. I used to have ruddy redness and blotchy skin, it’s amooth and fabulous and creamy. Look, you deserve this – just go.

Shane Vance